06 January 2008

New Years, New Things

A prosperous new year to you!

Hi, folks. Pieter here again . . .
"Life is a Song. Sing it! This is destined to be your best year ever! How can I say that? Well, if you don't start with a positive attitude, you might as well not start at all.
On that point. Did you know that the word "positive" is nowhere in the bible? It is a secular invention. God is not looking for positive people, He is looking for those that have faith. (Selah) Is being positive bad then? It depends on the source of your positiveness. If God is your source, then it is true faith and will reap fruit. If anything else is your source, you are probably in for a nasty surprise.
Talking of surprises. Has God ever surprised you? More specifically, has he started to unleash your destiny yet? How are you progressing on route to your destiny? Are you following God's process?
You will remember that God's process is defined by the tabernacle of Moses. When you start your spiritual journey, you must first enter the gate to the tabernacle. Jesus is the gate. Entering the gate is the same thing as entering into Jesus. Only in Him will you find the promises of God.
Entering the gate will bring you into the outer court of the tabernacle where you will find the altar and the wash-basin . The altar speaks of the cross and and the perfect sacrifice offered there for our sins. Unfortunately, too many Christians do not progress beyond the altar, but put up camp in the outer court.
Are you maybe one of those? You accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, but your life did not change. If you are one of those for whatever reason, then don't despair, there is hope! God loves you and his plan for your life rocks!
Next time... the Holy Place of the tabernacle.
God be with you.
Pieter de Waal

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