16 September 2007

God's Speed

Hi, folks. Pieter here again . . . Have you ever had anyone wishing you Godspeed? "Life is a Song. Sing it!"

Sometimes, in your journey to your destiny, following God's process for His purpose in your life, you will find that things will tend to go on forever and ever and ever.

You just can't hurry God! You know it is coming. You know God is on your side, but by the time you actually receive what you were waiting for, it seems to have lost some of its flavour.

Take Abraham for example. He knew his descandants would come, but as time went by, doubt crept in. Finally he took matters into his own hands; and boy did he mess up!

Joseph knew he would become king. He had many years in jail to look forward to it. Now that was not quite part of his time planning!

Is this a complain session? Am I trying to scare you or something? Why am I going on about God being so slow?

Before I answer. We have to remember that using God's methods and his timeframes, you will end up doing more in a day than you would have done in twenty years using your own power.

No actually I have a message. The point I want to make is this. Just suppose you had your ladder of life leaning on the wrong wall? And you climbed this ladder, and you did your share of waiting ... and you finally reached the top. And all that came of all that effort, was an empty nothingness or a foul wind?

Have you plugged into God's process? Are you on the right track? Is your ladder of life leaning on the right wall? Will your waiting and working reap fruit?

God's timing is always sure, often slow, but never late!

If you are going to follow this blog and continue the journey to your divine destiny by following God's process for His purpose in your life, you must start at the very beginning. And starting at the beginning means starting with God. His process will work and He will work His process.

Nothing else will be good enough.

Until next time....

Pieter de Waal

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