17 September 2007

Why is God's process important?

Hi, folks. Pieter here again . . . with some explanations behind God's Process.

"Life is a Song. Sing it!"

Let's say you are having financial problems. You approach various church leaders for help.

The first one says you must apply for a monthly food package at the local church representative. The second one says you must be in sin, otherwise God would not punish you like that.
The third one says you must just have faith and believe and your problems will dissolve.
The fourth one says you are lazy and you must work harder.
The fifth one says you must have patience.
Number six prays for a miracle.
Number seven sends you to a prophet.
Number eight says you must stop bothering all the church leaders with your problems.

Who is right!?
Will the same answer be correct for each person knocking on their doors?

The fact is this:
The correct response would depend on the phase in God's Process that you are in.
With other words. Where is God with you now and where is He going with you?
What is the lesson that you need to learn now, at this moment of time?

Maybe God is teaching you righteousness.
Maybe God is teaching you faith.
Maybe God is teaching you to trust in Him alone.
Maybe God is teaching you obedience.
Maybe God is teaching you humility.
Identifying the correct phase in God's process with your life will indicate the correct action that you should take.

Knowing God's process can save you lots of blood, sweat and tears.
If you are going to follow this blog and continue the journey to your divine destiny by following God's process for His purpose in your life, you should believe in the process. It is real, and I will prove it to you.
Until next time....Pieter de Waal

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