22 October 2007

Called to be a Warrior

This is Pieter de Waal with the first article of
the "God's Process for His Purposes" e-course.

God's Process for His Purposes
Part 1 - "You are called to be a warrior"

Do you have what it takes to
be the next faith hero?

Father God has great
plans for your life.

He designed you and gave you life with a specific purpose in mind. You are part of
God's strategic plan for the future.

The devil also has plans for your life.

He wants to steal and destroy
everything that God has for you.

Whose plans will prevail?

This course will give
you the inside edge.

We all know that Satan is no match for God.
So why then do we need to consider the devil at all?

Simply because God gave you a free will and the ability to choose for yourself. He is not going to override your
decisions, not even for your own good!

Your future lies in your own hands. God will work His ways in your life only when you give him permission to do so or when you pray to Him to intervene. He gave you authority over certain matters and you have the responsibility to exert it.

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Like the gladiators of old, you must take up the armor of God and wage war on the powers of darkness.

Ephesians 6 tells us about this armor, but there is also much that it doesn't tell us. It tells us about the helmet of salvation, but it does not say exactly what the helmet is, how to put it on or how to wear it. The same is also true for the other pieces of the armor. More information on the armor of God can be found on the Gladiators for God website.

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You will notice that I have also included various robes as part of God's armor. These are not mentioned in Ephesians 6, but are ultimately as much part of God's protection as any of the more well-known pieces of the armor.

There are many powerful, life-changing secrets related to these robes that will be revealed in my e-books. Don't miss out!

As you continue this course, you will not only learn more about the armor of God, but also about the principles of progress and promotion in God's army.


In my next session, I will tell you more about the
inheritance of Abraham and how it affects your destiny.
Till then, God bless you.

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