11 January 2008

The Holy Place

Hi, folks. Pieter here again . . .

Take the next step and enter hrough the door of the Tabernacle into the Holy Place.
You will remember that God's process for His purposes is defined by the tabernacle of Moses. Entering the gate of the tabernacle will bring you into the outer court where you will find the altar and the wash-basin . I believe that too many Christians do not progress beyond the altar, but put up camp in the outer court.
The problem is the wash-basin. Many Christians simply don't know how to make use of it. Because the items of the tabernacle have a spiritual meaning for our lives, they must be spiritually discerned. Only by meeting with the requirements of the wash-basin, will you be able to enter the door of the tabernacle and see the inside, also known as the Holy Place.
Inside the Holy Place you will find three items. The first is the Table with Showbread. This is a special place of "dining"with God, which is reserved only for those that managed to progress beyond the door . Next to the table you will also find the lamp-stand and the altar of incense.
The former provides light to the Holy Place. Spiritually, God uses it to enlighten your heart regarding His plans for your life. The altar of incense however, is the most important item here, because it provides the key to access the Holy of holies.
Next time.... the Holy of holies.
God be with you.
Pieter de Waal

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