26 January 2008

The Most Holy PLace

Hi Folks. Pieter here again.

Is there anything in this world that is more awesome than the Most Holy place of the tabernacle or the temple? Just imagine . . . God's presence in its fullest!
Each one of us, as we walk towards our destinies according to God's process driven life, desires to end up right here. This is where the things will happen. Yes it costs a price to enter, but it is worth it. Once you pass through the veil of the tabernacle and enter into the Most Holy Place, your life will never be the same again!
The glory of the mercy seat will begin to reflect in your life. You will get a new name and new authority as you eat from the jar of manna and you will receive the priestly gift as you wield the rod of Aaron. The ark of the covenant will finally reveal its secrets to you as you will receive God's Word directly from the author of the tablets of the law.
Exciting times indeed, but don't forget, just as the cherubim on the mercy seat are servants of the Lord, you will not receive this glory unless you too, put on the robe of the sevant.
Next time.... the armor of God.
Be blessed.
Pieter de Waal

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