10 June 2009

New Look Website


It took me more that a year, but I finally have my new-look website up and running. I think it rocks!
I seem to have sorted out all the bugs that was giving me problems with the search engines.

I wanted to include Google Friend Connect as a feature, but it was generating too many syntax conflicts so I gave it up for now. I included in the blog so I will make it work from here while I ponder the intricacies of html and xml.

For now, my present focus is to get my site listed and made known as widely as possible. I have a fantastic message to share - let all who have ears listen! The sooner I get all my ducks in a row the greater blessing I can be to you. As you can see I've put an awesome amount of work into the website and even more into the downloads. Yet there are still more to come....

I will keep you updated. You should also follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/pdewaal. I can more easily post a message with my cellphone so I post more regularly.

God bless you.
Until next time.
Pieter de Waal