31 August 2007


Hi, folks. Pieter here again . . . on a more serious note.

"Life is a Song. Sing it!"

Sometimes, in your journey to your destiny, following God's process for His purpose in your life, suddenly, and without warning, all hell will break loose!

Welcome to the real world.

What should your reaction be? Simply, rejoice!

Why? Because somehow, the devil, the slanderer, the opposer, the enemy, the accuser... found out that God is at the point of giving you an unexpected blessing. His purpose in life is to steal and destroy. Nothing freaks him out more than God's children getting blessed.

The blessing is coming, so don't look at the smokescreen. Don't be sidetracked.

I can't tell you how many times in my life I have had people making demands on my money. Especially when my cash flow is, well, shall I say, looking less than rosy. And my reaction is always to get my shackles up. I want to fight it with everything I have. Sometimes the demands might be fair, sometimes bogus. It doesn't matter.

Somehow, God's promises that revenge belongs to Him, does not want to drop from my mind to my heart. Ever had this problem? Not you! Yeah right.

Yet when I give in to God, and do the seemingly idiotic thing to let go of my plans for "justice," invariably, God's blessing for my life will be released.

Only last week I had to give in, after "battling" for more than six months with a contractor that did damage to my property and then demanded that I pay for the repairs. They then resorted to threats. Just when I felt least like giving in, God urged me to pay them. Two days later, I received a deposit in my account, more than twenty times the amount I had problems releasing.
I had been waiting for this money for over a year and actually gave up on receiving it.

God is good. And His methods does not have to make sense. Only obey.

If you are going to follow this blog and continue the journey to your divine destiny by following God's process for His purpose in your life, you will be much better off if you have a smile on your face and a song in your heart. This journey is not for sissies.

Until next time....

Pieter de Waal

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