13 August 2007

N!S: The most debilitating disease.

Ever heard of N!S? Probably not. Yet you know it. You have had it yourself. You might even have it now. And you will know others that have it - or had it.So what is it then? And what does it have to do with the 3rd Cord?

Let me put it to you this way. N!S is a tongue-in-cheek way of referring to what the Bible calls the fruits of the flesh.

You can read more about it at http://www.squidoo.com/nisz/.

So what does it have to do with the 3rd Cord then?

I will give it to you straight. If you have N!S, you have closed yourself from the work of God in your life. The first step to fulfilling your purpose in life is to get rid of your baggage. Lose your load!

Nisz might feel nice to you, but do not be deceived by its seeming innocence. In this regard it has much in common with drugs. Short term gain is exchanged for long term loss.

If you are interested in knowing more about God's process for His purposes, take a look at N!S and see if just maybe there is something of yourself.

Till next time.

Pieter de Waal

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