17 August 2007

To believe is a choice

Hi, folks. Pieter here again... with a post today that is all about faith.

I heard on the Radio today how agnosticism and atheism were being discussed. By definition, both are doubters of religion, but for different reasons.

Atheists simply don't believe in the existence of God.
Agnostics are also atheists. Atheism and agnosticism pretend to be about unbelief, but in actual fact there is no such thing. They simply believe strongly in the opposite. They believe that everything that the Bible says are lies. They believe that everyone that claims to have a relationship with God are liars. They believe in the power of their own minds. They believe that thought is merely a chemical process.

They say that only those things that can be perceived with the senses and understood by the mind can be true and that it is therefore not possible for man to have a relationship with God.

Agnosticism has its roots in the early Greek philosophies and has a widespread effect on modern science and scientists who disbelief any thing that cannot be tested with the senses and only believe what can be felt an seen. We see it in the current belief in evolution that is pervading the sciences. These people actually believe in the ability of matter to create life!

Unless you believe in the word of God as your ultimate guide, you will not be able to obtain the destiny that god has for you. Unless you have a personal relationship with a Divine Creator, you will be an aimless drifter whose life will serve no purpose.

Yesterday morning when I got up, I knew that I faced a load of obstacles in my divine destination that I couldn't tackle alone. So I called to God in my prayers to step in. I then opened my bible to continue my daily reading and started with Isaiah 59:1 which stated, "Surely the Lord's power is enough to save you. He can hear you when you ask Him for help."

Need I say more.

Until next time....

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