14 August 2007

Your destiny

God's process for His purposes has four distinct phases. Each of us has to go through the same stages if we are to make it successfully to the fulfillment of our destiny.

But before we get to the stages... You have a divine destiny. You should know that. We often hear people say things like: "This is the role I was born to play" or "I was born for this job." Deep inside, they know that they have a destiny. Whether they are correct in what they are saying is a different story, but at least they have part of the truth.

Whenever we find an appliance not functioning correctly, we consult the owner's manual. Only the designer or creator really knows the correct way of using it. Yet we fail to consult our Creator when our lives are failing.

Yes, God has a plan for your life. And His plans are bigger than your dreams! When you plug in to the source of life, you will start to function in a way that will astound you.

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