12 November 2007

Faith Heroes

This is Pieter de Waal with the fourth article of
the "God's Process for His Purposes" e-course.

God's Process for His Purposes
Part 4 - "Faith Heroes"

Last week I mentioned that a single wrong choice can have devastating results. We therefore need to understand God's process for our lives, but even more specifically His requirements for our lives at any specific time.

Before I continue. Just remember ...

You have it in you to be the next faith hero and
fulfill God's purposes for your life.

Because Abraham is the father of our faith, his life is an example that we can follow. We can see how God walked
with him from the first moment he spoke with him and
every step of the way until he finally brought him to
fulfillment of his destiny in life.

Studying the life of Abraham, you will notice how it went through distinct phases where God in each case had to deal with something else in his life.

By comparing these phases with the Tabernacle of Moses you will find that they match up perfectly.

This process is as real today as it was when God directed
the faith heroes of the bible into fulfilling their lives' purposes.

By this time you might already have seen how this is true for the life story of Esther. The story of Abraham's life however, allows us the opportunity to study these phases in much greater detail than the story of Esther does.

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In my next session, I will tell you more about God's process for taking you on the way to your destiny and how it can only be fulfilled in Christ. Till then, God bless you.

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