09 February 2008

The armor of God - Part 2

Hi folks, Pieter here again.

To clothe yourself with God's armor is to clothe yourself with Jesus. The armor is not about doing things, you put it on by faith.

In my previous blog, I mentioned the helmet and the breastplate. I spoke of how they relate to the tabernacle of Moses and also to God's purpose for your life. As you progress towards your destiny according to God's process driven life, God will strengthen your spiritual armor. We need to follow this route as depicted by the tabernacle of Moses, for without the proper protection, we will be unprepared for the next phase of the process.
After the breastplate comes the shoes of readiness. The shoes relate very closely with the sacrament of holy communion. Remember how the Israelites had to eat passsover with shoes on their feet. This obviously corresponds with the table of showbread in the tabernacle. In the same room with the table, you would also have found the lamp-stand and the incense altar, speaking of the belt of truth and the shield of faith respectively.
This room was called the holy place. Entering to this point speaks of achieving greater intmiacy with Christ. This is also where you will receive the vision of your life's purpose. Truth will be revealed to you that can only be received by faith.
Don't mess this up, you need to spend real time with Jesus or your armor will be incomplete. You don't want your pants to sit on your knees because your belt couln'd handle the strain, now would you?
Next time. "Wielding the sword."
Until then.

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